Sustainability is at the Heart of our Fashion Curriculum

Sustainability is at the heart of the UAL Extended Diploma in Fashion and Textiles curriculum, we produce two projects during Year two that are based around sustainable practice.

The work below is from a short project based on deconstructing and reconstructing existing garments.

Molly Power

“I took an old suit and transformed it. I started on the stand and manipulated it using different techniques to create both voluminous and constricted areas. I added thickly gathered pink tulle to contrast the masculine suit fabric, and styled with a red top to make it pop.”

Tia Chan

The start of the deconstruct process and the aim of this project was to create two new wearable outcomes.

Outcome one from the deconstruct reconstruct project.

Outcome two from the deconstruct reconstruct project created using cut away fabric.

Lotta Bartha




The UK fashion industry combines cutting-edge design and refined craftsmanship, with the industry now supporting 797,000 jobs.

The Chelsea Centre for the Creative Industries’ prestigious fashion department is located in the heart of London, close to important museums and galleries.

Our UAL L3 Extended Diploma in Fashion (Design, Textiles & Communication) offers a playful and experimental curriculum enabling students to develop technical and creative skills through a broad range of highly practical workshops and projects covering: Design development, drawing, and illustration, fashion print, knit, weave, embroidery and embellishment, styling and photoshoots, trends, market awareness, and branding, sampling, garment construction/modeling on the stand, live projects and relevant industry competitions. 

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