Student Q&A: Adrianna Wojcik

Adrianna studies HNC Fine Art at the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries.

Q1. What is your background and what made you choose to study your HE course at Morley?

I am Polish, but arrived in the UK at a young age and lived in Hackney for most of my life. I have always thought of myself as creative throughout my life and have always taken part in as many courses as I could to develop my enjoyment and skill as an artist.

Q2. Did you enjoy the course? What were highlights of the course?  

I enjoyed having my own studio space where I can explore as much as I like. I also really appreciate ‘hanging out’ with other creative people and getting inspiration from them and the creative atmosphere of studio environment.

I like the teaching style which gives us concrete creative skills and new ways of working, we are then encouraged to explore by ourselves, it all feels very personal as we really get to know our tutors and spend loads of time with them (I don’t imagine all universities are like that!)

Q3. What did you learn? Why is this useful in your industry? What particular skills did you developed?  

New ways of thinking about making work. I really feel like I have a broader idea of what making art can be. The more possibilities I have, the more it goes into my artwork.

Q4. Please tell us about what you are doing now? Projects you are working on/your career/your next course etc.

Currently we are working on Visual Narratives, whilst also exploring new techniques. I am exploring and capturing ‘moments in time’ as a theme in my work. I think that the word ‘memory’ and this may unfold and develop as a creative interest for me.

Q5. Why did you choose Morley? what was unique about the course or college? 

I found Morley through the Excel UCAS fair last year. I was excited about the possibility of an HNC course that could develop into a full BA (Hons). On my first day, there was a rainbow in the sky and I took that as a sign of good luck, and that I was in the right place!

Q6. What is your end goal? what are your next steps? what do you want to achieve in life and how did your course support it?  

After going through the HNC, HND and BA (Hons) Year 3. I want to discover different cultures around the world to get an understanding of the diverse ways people create art. I would like to inspire others through this deeper understanding that I hope to gain.

Q7. What would you say to anyone thinking about studying a HE course with us? 

Definitely try it out. What is great, is that you can test the waters, you can sign up for a year, and then see. You get so many great opportunities and such a fantastic space to work in, the atmosphere is really nice, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to work. I highly recommend it.

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