“We are a community of designers that play with the language of visual communication.”

Rebecca Tristram, Head of Design

Student Testimonials

UAL Extended Diploma in Fashion, Textiles and Communication

“The tutors really help you within your creative journey through the course. It gives you time to experiment as well as develop skills in the first year and then work towards creating your portfolio for universities in the second. It’s been a great experience and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to develop their skills and build a great portfolio for university applications, work experience or even just to learn something new.” July 2020

Melika Mohammadi who progressed onto BA Womenswear at CSM

“I chose to study at KCC/Morley because at that time I came to see the show and I was inspired by the wealth of ideas and I could also see the tutors’ support in the students’ work. I also came to the open day and I was impressed with what I saw, the level of quality and experimentation was unbelievable. I went round to see a few other colleges and KCC/Morley came up top.Tutors care about your work, you get good feedback and you are well supported. KCC/Morley introduces the fundamentals of the fashion industry. It is a robust course and the best in London in my opinion. All students at KCC/Morley go and study at prestigious London universities as well as abroad.” July 2020

Illaria Puckett who progressed onto BA Fashion at The Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp

UAL Foundation Diploma in Fashion

“I am thankful I chose to do my foundation at Morley Chelsea (KCC), it has been the perfect supportive environment to experiment creatively and learn skills to succeed as a fashion student. Foundation guided me in achieving my dream of getting into Central Saint Martins! I am grateful to have had Sue as my teacher and been part of such a talented class.”

Jasmine Broadhurst (Fashion Knit CSM)

“You have been such a huge support and I am so grateful. Foundation has been so enriching (and fun of course).”

Thais Yoshioka (LCF –  Footwear)

Latest blog post:

  • Fashion students find ‘StellaVision’ inspiration

    On Friday 27 May, some of our students on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Fashion and Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Fashion at Morley’s Chelsea Centre had the pleasure of visiting the ‘StellaVision’ workshop at Stella McCartney‘s London HQ. The private exhibition, hosted by their global PR team, was a celebration of the brand’s iconic milestones from the past, a recognition of present achievements and a window into future projects. We were all in awe of the incredible designs and creativity, as well as the brand’s commitment to maintaining sustainability in all aspects of their work and further cementing…